Hi! I’m Laurel, and I really enjoy reading. I enjoy other things, too, but my love for reading has been a constant in my life since I was a child. I remember losing myself in book after book in my “reading fort” (which was actually just the space in the corner of my room under my desk – but my brother and I decorated it, so it counts as a fort).


My enjoyment of reading always felt like such a private thing. I loved the books I read but I never had anybody to really talk about them with. Then I discovered the BookTube community. It was so fun to finally be able to meet other people that enjoyed the same books I did! Unfortunately I’m not all that comfortable in front of a camera, so I thought that a book blog would be a better fit for me.


So far, I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I love meeting new people and discussing favorite books (and not-so-favorite books). I’ve also grown to really love writing reviews – so much so that I’ve joined the National Book Critics Circle.


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